Considering how to use social media and social network sites to engage with young people?

Requiring information, guidance and support to agree a organisational eSafety critical pathway plan?

Already have a Facebook page but seeking to evolve and explore how to use social networking sites more efficiently?

Staff members requesting training and guidance about to create and establish a professional presence on a social network platform?

If you are exploring the possibility of investing in social media training, there could be a cost benefit to book a consultancy session with Online Youth Outreach.

Young people and adults are increasingly using social media within their everyday lives. The annual Communications Market Report says that the average person spends seven hours and five minutes “engaging in media and communications activities”. The report suggests that internet take-up has now reached 73% in the UK, the majority of which is fixed broadband. Mobile phones functionality has evolved dramatically in the last five years to integrate the various social network platforms the number of people using their phone to surf the web currently stands at 13.5m people. This has almost tripled since 2008, when the figure stood at 5.7m.

Youth practitioners are skilled in establishing and cultivating supportive relationships with young people to support them through transition of being a young person to becoming a young adult. Traditionally that has taken place in youth centers, drop in sessions, street based detached outreach, schools and referral units. However, the reality is young people are spending more time surfing the internet at home or at a mates house. Youth organisations have an opportunity to be creative and diversify the services they offer to engage young people who typically don’t access their provision through social media and social network sites. Face to face engagement is REALLY important and a critical component of youth work practice, however, youth work practitioners can also translate their skills and competencies to engage young people through social media and social network sites.

Online Youth Outreach has been contracted to deliver specifically tailored consultancy and training workshops for youth work practitioners and managers within the UK and Europe.

Below is a typical training/consultancy summary that can be modified to meet delegates training requirements and organisational specifications:

  • Explore how social media, and specifically social networking, tools could be used by youth professionals in engaging with young people, parents and supporters;
  • Develop an understanding of a range of social media and social networking tools through hands-on experience and activities;
  • Identify key issues of ethics and safety for work with young people on social network sites, and explore possible responses;
  • Identify specific pilot projects where social media and social networking could be used;
  • Develop a strategy plan to practically and strategically use social media and social networking within everyday front line practice
  • Explore creative practical skills in the use of social media tools; creating digital film clips, upload to Youtube, add annotations.
  • Identify practical ways to support young people to be safe online; information sources, practical session plans to deliver with young people
  • eSafeguarding/Risk assessment/polices for staff and young people when using social media within an organisation/agency
  • Learn eParticipation tools/techniques to gain the views of young people; Participation ladder & Youth work values
  • Virtual detached work – interventions and online support
  • Explore how to engage and work collaboratively with colleagues & managers within organisations/agency in utilising social media & social networking tools.
  • Community profiling & Strategy Purpose- developing business case
  • Strategies for taking forward the use of social media in your orgainsation
  • Workshop approach:

  • Presentations on understanding social media and social networking – offering conceptual frameworks and practical examples to work with;
  • Group discussions to share existing learning – and to identify existing skills, experience and activities to build upon;
  • Hands on use of specific tools and websites – such as Ning, Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress: to support staff in developing an intuitive understanding of the possibilities;
  • Priority setting – to identify key uses of social media and social networking which fit with youth professionals organisational/agency goals;
  • Planning pilots – identifying small scale activities that staff can take forward to further explore social media and social networking, alongside wider strategic thinking.

  • Maximum number of delegates in a session: 12
    Online Youth Outreach – Day rate of £750 + VAT
    Half day preparation charge of £50
    Each delegate will receive an information resource email which includes all the presentation slides, reading list and websites used during the training session.
    For the OCN accredited certificated course there is a supplement of £20 per delegate (£15 certificate and £5 for moderating the portfolio)

    If you would to discuss booking a digital consultancy session. Please contact:
    Online Youth Outreach: Katie Bacon
    Mobile: 07841023626