26 Jan 2012

Munch, Poke, Ping – Acceptable Use Policy for mobile phones & social Media.

[Translate] Last week I met with Stephan Carrick -Davies who released a superb report in July 2011 commissioned by the Training Deveoplemnat agencyMunch, Poke, Ping – Vulnerable young people, social media and e-safety. The focus of the research was to consider the risks which vulnerable young people, excluded from schools and... Read More
13 Jan 2012

Join Beatbullying online MARCH against bullying- Thursday 1st 2012

[Translate] An incredible 512,550 people have already joined the Big March 2012, calling with one voice on the United Nations to enshrine explicitly in the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child “The right of every child to be safe from bullying, violence and the fear of violence by... Read More
5 Jan 2012

Google’s Interactivism is back with all new partners and a new challenge for you.

[Translate] Google and FutureGov have joined forces with practical think tank, the RSA and some brilliant young people from the South London youth communications agency, Livity. For round two, Interactivism: Young People’s Hack Weekend is all about finding a NEET (Not in Education Employment of Training) solution (pun intended) to... Read More