30 Nov 2011

Facebook security and investigations from both US & EU.

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23 Nov 2011

Activation: Using social media during a ‘live’ youth event.

[Translate] I was contracted by Bristol Youth Participation team leader, Zaena Barnard to support the social media coverage of two simultaneous events on Friday 4th Nov; social media contributions from the three Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) from Bristol who traveled, to London, to attend the UK Youth Parliament, House of... Read More
15 Nov 2011

Virtualcollaborating.com. Online collaboration for everyone, where, when and how they want it.

[Translate] I recently meet Johanne Gilroy he is the Virtual Careers Service Manager for Prospects Services Ltd (www.prospects.co.uk). They are the largest national providers of information, advice and guidance careers services, working in twenty local authority areas; providing universal and targeted services (intensive support for young people with special needs, learning... Read More
11 Nov 2011

Innovation labs and Young People’s mental health – GET INVOLVED!

[Translate] Right Here, Comic Relief and Nominet Trust have funded a really interesting project for the next few months with the objective to deliver several ‘Innovation Labs’ focussed on helping “young people to look after their mental health and to access appropriate help and support”. The objectives of the innovation... Read More
1 Nov 2011

Friday 4th Nov over 300 young people will be taking over the House of Commons chamber in London

[Translate] On Friday 4th Nov over 300 young people will be taking over the House of Commons chamber. They are elected members of UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) from all around the country. This will be an absolutely amazing day, not just for the young people in attendance and the UK... Read More