30 Sep 2011

HIV Conference: Sex, Social Media Media & Young People

[Translate] I was invited by Sarah from Eddystone Trust to come and present at the Southwest HIV conference, it was an informative and challenging conference where I learnt a great deal and meet some fabulous individuals. I presented on how young people use social media, a strategy planning model to use... Read More
28 Sep 2011

Young Parents & Social Media

[Translate] Last week I meet a young woman who was very passionate about sharing her ideas on how social media could be used to engage, offer support and information to young parents. I invited her to write a blog and share her journey and aspirations. A huge THANK YOU... Read More
26 Sep 2011

International Connected Generation Conference 2011

[Translate] Thank you to everyone who attended the conference last Wednesday, it was great to meet people who I had connected with initially via Twitter, Facebook or email. Also a HUE thank you to everyone who helped me to arrange, set-up, facilitate and ‘clean-up after the conference – phew hard... Read More
23 Sep 2011

Hong Kong Social Media Training Session

[Translate] Exploring how use social media to offer online support to young people in Hong Kong On Wednesday 21st Sep Natasha Turburville and I spent the day training a delegation of youth worker, social services workers and charities practitioners from Hong Kong. They had successfully received funding from the Hong Kong Government... Read More
19 Sep 2011

Sunderland Voluntary Sector: Consultation with young people & youth practitioners.

[Translate] Youth work in a Digital Age – Consultation with young people and practitioners (Amanda Gerry will be presenting at the International Connected Generation Conference, Wednesday 21st 5-9pm #incgen11. Sharing the results from the consultation conducted in June 2011, sharing lessons learnt and future plans.) Sunderland Voluntary Sector Youth Forum (SVSYF))... Read More
16 Sep 2011

Facebook is updating the existing‘Friends list’ feature and launching a new ‘Subscribe’ feature.

[Translate] Facebook has announced changes to make creating ‘friends list’ easier and even more useful, there are three improvements: - Smart lists – You’ll see smart lists that create themselves and stay up-to-date based on profile info your friends have in common with you–like your work, school, family and city. - Close Friends... Read More
14 Sep 2011

Quick Response (QR) Codes – New marketing & engagement trend.

[Translate] Digitally connecting your paper-based content to the internet – powerful concept. Have you noticed these images in your magazines, on bill boards, film posters and on food packaging? So what is QR Code? A QR Code is a 2d barcode (square matrix code) designed by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994... Read More
8 Sep 2011

International Connected Generation Conference – London, Wed 21st Sep’11.

[Translate] UPDATE: Sold out, Great range of people attending & we have NO budget – AWESOME! International Connected Generation conference taking place on Wed 21st Sep’11 Time: 5pm-9pm (please join us when you can after work) Location: 16 Acton Street, Kingscross, London WC1X 9NG, London Greater London (It is a 10 min walk to... Read More
1 Sep 2011

“People think Muslim women should be seen and not heard. I want to challenge that stereotype.” Young Muslim woman Vlogging about her life

[Translate] Zakia is attending and presenting at the upcoming International Connected Generation Conference on Wed 21st Sep (sold out – follow on twitter #incgen11). She will be sharing her experiences on vlogging and be facilitating a vlogging discussion group Via a twitter introduction I connected with a young Muslim woman name... Read More