28 Jul 2011

Book your FREE place: International Connected Generation Conference 2011

[Translate] FREE Event – International Connected Generation Conference 2011 #incgen11 Date: Wednesday 21st Sep 5pm-9pm Location: 16 Acton Street, Kingscross, WC1X 9NG London, United Kingdom This is an open space event bringing together senior managers, young people, practitioners from education, youth work, participation and voluntary youth projects with digital media developers and experts... Read More
18 Jul 2011

International Digital Youth Work Events, 20th-23rd Sep – What can you share? What can you learn?

[Translate] BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone working with children and young people and has an interest in all things ’social media’, ‘technology’, ‘Children & Young People’s rights’, ‘internet safety’, ‘exploring new ideas’, ‘promoting participation’, ‘advocacy’, ‘education, training and offering support and advice’ and has a sense of humour. Online Youth Outreach (@Katie_bacon)... Read More
15 Jul 2011

Each young person lives in their own personal mobile universe, and each mobile universe is unique.

[Translate] I had to go to the dentist, BAD dental pain – not pleasant, I was evil. I took a book to distract myself. I tweeted, I was sat on chair with book, The Third Screen by Chuck Martin. 10 mins later, tweet from the Author – ‘No way!” I... Read More
7 Jul 2011

Munch, Poke, Ping. Vulnerable Young People, Social Media & E-Safety.

[Translate] ‘Communication only occurs at the point when the message being communicated has been understood.’ (Al Campbell,2009) This is the conundrum – young people have adopted new media and communicate through a diverse range of new media platforms constructively and negatively. In contrast some local authorities, school and youth organisations are... Read More
4 Jul 2011

Twitter Training Course (London) Tuesday 19th July (9.30am-12.30pm)

[Translate] TWITTER TRAINING COURSE – Time to face the fear and give it a go! Date – Tuesday 19th July 9.30am-12.30pm Location London – Lambeth City Learning Centre, Rectory Grove, London, SW4 0EL Details of how to get to training venue http://www.lambethclc.org.uk/find-us.html Fee: Statuary £55 + VAT, Voluntary £40 + VAT Twitter is an excellent online... Read More
3 Jul 2011

Google VS Facebook

[Translate] Google is having a ‘faceoff’ with ‘Facebook’ can they create the NEW social network site that will capture people interest and motivation to migrate from Facebook to Google+? “What are you talking about?” I hear you say, ok let’s back track and set the scene. Google over the last... Read More